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Nachtdigital pres. Jane Fitz - Nachti Ambient Tape #1

Jane Fitz - Nachti Ambient Tape #1

Over the last few years, our Ambient stage has become a defining part of our artistic vision and identity. So it was about time to make this tangible: Welcome to Nachti Ambient Tapes, our new subdivision dedicated to that magical spot at the edge of our paradise. From all the great sets that were played on the Ambient stage of last years' Nachtdigital, we picked the recording of Jane Fitz to start this new series. You will need to look very hard to find someone who plays such a blissful and sensitive form of music to dream to. It's pure magic - just as Jane's much-loved dance sets. The Nachti Ambient Tape #1 contains the first 90 minutes of Jane's Ambient set at Nachtdigital XX and will be available in limited quantity at the festival. Remaining copies will be sold through our webshop.

Length: 90 minutes

Recorded live in Olganitz at Nachtdigital XX
8 EUR inkl. MwSt.
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