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Mix of the Week 53.2020 • Deep Electronics Christmas Special 2020 - Poisonoise

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Deep Electronics Christmas Special 2020 - Poisonoise

Hier noch ein Nachzügler. Poisonoise bestreitet bei Deep Electronics seit 6 Jahren in Folge nun schon den Christmas Mix in einem Special. Und das macht er sehr gut. Mir persönlich hat es der hypnotische Mittelteil des Mixes angetan :-)

Hier noch was zur Bio von Poisonoise: Steve Gemmell, a DJ and artist from the United Kingdom, a dedicated music lover and the man behind the Poisonoise Music project. His musical journey started long ago, as inspiration came from the godfathers of electronic sound - Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno. With the rise of Detroit Techno, Steve found himself even more involved in the scene, naturally evolving into a DJ, spinning Hard Techno, Gabba and Speedcore.

Evolution is a never-ending process, so nowadays Poisonoise explores the deeper states of techno, constructing sets, based on dub and ambient.


  1. Anton Kubikov - Constancy
  2. Phelian - Koregaon
  3. Aura Minimum - Utonut V Sheleste Vetvel
  4. Aura Minimum - Key & Gate
  5. Aura Minimum - Aura Dub
  6. Oussama K - Sequence from Bab-El-Oued
  7. Submersion - Gray II
  8. Snufmumriko - Inner Chambers
  9. Carlo Giustini - Attraverso lo specchio
  10. Anthene - Barriers
  11. Square Fauna - Alteration

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