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Mix of the Week 41.2023 • Elias Mazian // Nachtipod // Nachti 2023

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Elias Mazian // Nachtipod // Nachti 2023

If anyone can capture the vibes of NACHTI, it's Elias Mazian. He's been a fixture and a friends to Olganitz for many years. You could recognize one of his sets with your eyes closed; Elias Mazian loves blending top influences with house, always with a touch of sentimentality and never veering into the cheesy territory (well, sometimes. A little.).

Not only is Elias a fantastic DJ, but he's also a gifted producer, as he demonstrated with the NV02 vinyl release on Nachtiville, a few copies of which you can still find in our shop. On the lakeside stage, he undoubtedly created plenty of hands-up moments, and we hope his set can still bring a smile to your face even now.


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