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Nachtiville Lekker Various Vinyl

Lekker Various
mit Stücken von ROD, Mattheis, Dollkraut & JP Enfant

Release Date: 13.11.2015
Format: 12inch Vinyl
Catalogue No.: NV01
Label: Nachtiville
Vinyl only, strictly limited, no repress

N1 - ROD - Scid Will Come
N2 - Mattheis - Scattered
V1 - Dollkraut - Dueto Fontana
V2 - JP Enfant - Closing Chapter Home

"Lekker Various": Nachtiville releases first record

Nachtiville releases a record for its upcoming inaugural edition, fittingly entitled "Lekker Various". Following the tradition of its elder sister Nachtdigital, the record is a Various Artists EP, combining diverse contributions by artists who will also play the festival for an exclusive vinyl release. The music is an all-Dutch affair with tracks by ROD, Mattheis, Dollkraut and JP Enfant. The artwork comes courtesy of Manuel Birnbacher, Nachtiville’s graphic designer. The record comes as a 12inch with a proper hardcover, it is strictly limited and will definitely never see a repress.
Made for Nachtiville - De Eemhof/Netherlands

10 EUR inkl. MwSt,